Our Maui Rappelling Tour


This is a true "walk on the wild side" – Maui’s boldest and most genuine adventure – CANYONEERING – walking down waterfalls into a rainforest canyon.

It’s safe for the environment, and believe or not, safe for you, too. We teach you on a 60-foot jungle cliff, and once you’ve "got it," the 50-foot falls is next. Your third "rap" is a 30-foot waterfall as you continue your descent into the wilds.

We rappel in a privately-owned valley located an hour out on the Hana Highway. We waited years for permission to use this special valley. Now you too can see its beauty up close and personal.

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Rappel Maui Gear

Both the rappel device and carabiner above are rated to hold several thousand pounds, as is all our equipment. It's important to have the highest quality gear. We depend on it just as much as you do. For more information on our equipment and other safety related questions go here >

Blow-by-blow details of your day:

  • Drive half the famous Hana Highway with our skillful and knowledgeable guides.
  • Destination: a 26-acre botanical garden where you gear up like a pro in equipment that can handle thousands of pounds.
  • Hike a short distance on rainforest trails that Rappel Maui built into this private valley.
  • Training: on a high ridge overlooking the valley the guides give you a “show ‘n tell”.
  • 60-foot dry jungle wall - this is where you learn and practice until you get it right.
  • 50-foot waterfall rappel into a large pool.
  • 30-foot falls, technically more difficult, but now you’re a pro.
  • Time permitting, do the 30-foot again.

Activity Price: $200 +$8.33 tax

Two tours daily at 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. any day.

For directions and map click HERE.