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“You Can Do This”

Maui Canyoneering Waterfall Rappelling Tours Meet us out on the famous Hana Highway in the Puohokamoa Valley. We’ll hike a quarter mile through the rain forest to the top of a ridge above a 300-foot-deep valley. Our first rappel is down a 60-foot cliff for practice, and you may do this more than once, depending… read more

Still Sharing Aloha

Now that visitors are able to come back to Maui, we are open and operating tours under new safety protocols. We look forward to sharing aloha with you.  We’re  eager to “talk story” with you about Maui and Hawaii by phone, online chat or email. Call or drop us a line, and we look forward… read more

Thank You for Your Rappel Tour Reservation

Thank you for your group tour reservation. Below are details you will want to know about your rappelling trip. You can also find more details about your tour at the Frequently Asked Questions page. Please make sure you understand: The age/weight restrictions The cancellation window Where/when to meet your guides How weather and water conditions… read more

Discount Activities & Bargain Budgets on Maui

Whether you’re visiting or planning to move to Hawaii, island life can be expensive. Not to worry, there are bargains, discount activities and inexpensive food and travel deals to be had. If you venture beyond the hundred dollar luaus and fancy restaurant dinners, you can find discounted activities that won’t devastate your daily spend. With… read more

Five Apps You Should Download Before You Land on Maui

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been to Maui multiple times or it’s your first time visiting, there are always a variety of things to do on Maui. And there’s always something to learn about this magical island. Too Many Things To Do on Maui? Some visitors find themselves with too many options. They may become… read more

Road to Hana: Motion Sickness Concerns?

Because its reputation is infamous, the Rappel Maui staff is often asked about the long and winding Road to Hana.  How twist-y and turn-y is the Road to Hana? And will I get carsick during the ride? For the most part, the Hana Highway is just a normal highway as it wends its way from… read more

Even Heroes Need Guides

You’re The Rappel Maui Hero. They’re the Rappel Maui Guides. Together You Can Do This Thing! If you aren’t familiar with rappelling, that’s no problem. Most visitors to Maui or Rappel Maui guests are not acquainted with rappelling, climbing or canyoning.  No worries; beginners welcome! Rappelling  is an adventure for active couples, families, solo travelers… read more

What You Don’t See in the Rainforest

With some of the severe offshore weather the Hawaiian Islands experienced while Hurricane Lane was in the vicinity, many beach-goers are reporting frequent encounters with the Portuguese man-o-war (Physalia physalis). Like many exotic sea creatures, the man-o-war isn’t just beautiful, it’s harmful. Its long tentacles dangle down into the water, while its head bobs along… read more