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Take a Holiday Rappel or Any Day During #Aloha365

Planning your trip to Maui during one of the major US holidays, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July or Memorial Day? Wondering if you can break the routine of spending the day making turkey dinner and doing something totally unique and wild instead? Fear not and take a holiday rappel! A Rappel Maui tour… read more

Which Rappelling Tour Time is Best for Me?

We operate every day of the year, and with as many as three possible rappelling tour time slots per day, that means there are ample opportunities for you to find a way to work a Rappel Maui tour time into your itinerary the next time you #letHawaiihappen. When Are the Rappelling Tours? The number of… read more

Dear Valentine: Aloha Means Love

When you visit any of the Hawaiian Islands, you’ll hear the Hawaiian word “aloha” almost at every turn. That’s because “aloha” means hello, goodbye, and perhaps most important, love. Although you might not equate dangling yourself over a jungle cliff or waterfall with love or Valentine’s Day, many people tell us that their rappelling tour… read more

How to Save Money on Maui

Maui’s beautiful sights are one well-known and often-discussed topic; another is the expense associated with traveling to Maui—one of the most remote places on Earth. If you’re on a budget, and want to save money on your Maui vacation, you’ve noticed that everything, from food and accommodations to fuel and excursions, costs a little more… read more

Exploring and Preserving: Canyoneering for Conservation with Rappel Maui

Welcome to Rappel Maui: Where Adventure Meets Conservation Welcome to a world where each rappel and climb is not just about thrill but also about cherishing and conserving our beautiful island home. At Rappel Maui, we believe in turning exciting canyoneering experiences into opportunities to learn and protect the ʻāina (pronounced “eye-nah” meaning land in… read more

Maui Honeymooners Welcome

With more visitors coming to Maui during the summer months, we’re meeting lots of couples who are on their honeymoon, or who are celebrating a destination wedding or anniversary. We like to say that, after a walk down the aisle, there’s nothing like a walk down a waterfall.  Or, after tying the knot, you can… read more

Jungle Gems: Some of Maui’s Unique Wildlife

This piece of paradise is not only a haven for plant life but also for some of the island’s most fascinating animals, including the elusive wild boar, majestic peacock, and the endemic owl. Each holds a place of ecological importance and cultural significance. Read more to learn about some of Maui’s unique wildlife! The Peacock… read more