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How Does Weather Affect a Rappel Maui Tour?

WHEN IS THE WEATHER WET IN HAWAII? Some recent weather history on the Hawaiian Islands: the summer of 2015 was a very active one. It marked one of the strongest El Niño patterns in recorded history, which meant that warmer water temperatures along the equator brought higher numbers of tropical storms and hurricanes across the… read more

Adding Vocation to Your Vacation

It’s easy to call a place like Maui paradise. It’s a warm, sunny climate with stunning scenery everywhere, and blue waters teeming with sea life. Even so, Maui is home to populations of people, animals, plants and places that need help.  If you’ve ever wanted to make your vacation about something more than recreation and… read more

Choosing a Rappel Maui Tour

Now there are two tours to choose from: The Classic Rappel Tour and the Extreme Zip Rappel Tour. Not sure which tour is right for you? Compare tours below, or call us at 808-270-1500 or chat with us online to tell us exactly what you’re looking for, including the availability of private custom tours. [table… read more

What is Rappelling, Anyway?

Aloha!  In this Question and Answer post, you’ll find out what rappelling is.  We’re happy to discuss it, especially since most of our guests are unfamiliar, and we like to welcome first-timers to the sport whenever possible. What is Rappelling? Rappelling is the practice of using ropes, a harness, belay device and other equipment to… read more

Take a Holiday Rappel or Any Day During #Aloha365

Planning your trip to Maui during one of the major US holidays, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July or Memorial Day? Wondering if you can break the routine of spending the day making turkey dinner and doing something totally unique and wild instead? Fear not! A Rappel Maui tour is one of the activities… read more

Which Tour Time is Best for Me?

We operate every day of the year, and with as many as five possible tour time slots per day, that means there are ample opportunities for you to find a way to work a Rappel Maui tour time into your itinerary the next time you #letHawaiihappen. When Are the Tours? The number of available tours… read more

Dear Valentine: Aloha Means Love

When you visit any of the Hawaiian Islands, you’ll hear the Hawaiian word “aloha” almost at every turn. That’s because “aloha” means hello, goodbye, and perhaps most important, love.  Although you might not equate dangling yourself over a jungle cliff or waterfall with love or Valentine’s Day, many people tell us that their rappelling tour… read more