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When Was the Last Time You Waterfall-Walked?

If you’re not sure whether a waterfall rappelling tour is for you, ask yourself a few questions: When was the last time I walked down a tropical waterfall, in a rainforest, on Maui? When will I get another chance to walk down a tropical waterfall, in a rainforest, on Maui? These are just a few… read more

How to Prepare for a Safe Day of Rappelling on Maui

While a Rappel Maui tour is a thrilling but safe activity, there are some natural hazards that exist out in the rainforest. The good news is, with just a little thought and planning, these common risks can be easily minimized and mitigated, giving you a safe day of rappelling on Maui. Insects While there are… read more

How Safe is Rappelling a Waterfall?

Sometimes during the same phone call with the person who asks, “How scary is rappelling?” we’re asked, “Is rappelling down a waterfall safe?” The short answer is, “When you rappel with us, yes!” The fact is that rappelling is safer than a regular hike down a hiking trail, and as you can read below, safer… read more

How Scary is Rappelling?

“So, I just have a question,” the person on the other end of the phone says, “How scary is rappelling?” That’s a tricky question, given that there are different kinds of scary, and the fear factor in any adventure is personal. If you want to know for yourself, read on, or call us at 808.270.1500… read more

You Are Here

Once visitors arrive on Maui or any Hawaiian Island, it’s easy to forget the miracle that has just happened: The Hawaiian Islands are located on one of the most remote places on Earth. With the closest continent or major land mass being more than 2,000 miles away, Hawaii is an oasis in reverse—a tiny spit… read more

Honolulu Star Advertiser Reviews Rappel Maui

We are the featured “local” travel article in Sunday’s June 8, 2014 newspaper. The reporter writes: “It’s an activity just about everyone can do.”  Schedule a Maui rappelling tour today!

Great Press… Fun Photos

The Maui Visitors Bureau wants to show writers the best Maui has to offer, so they often send travel writers, bloggers and reporters rappelling with us. We’re the rappelling tour on the island and definitely the most adventuresome. And, our valley is gorgeous. Our latest trio are photographer JD Andrews, travel writing bloggers “Captain” Chris Staudinger… read more

SF Gate Features Rappel Maui

The Bay Area’s “most visited” website, an arm of the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, featured us in their “What’s New” travel section in 2014. See the whole section online here.