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Dear Valentine: Aloha Means Love

Heart shaped carabiners for romantic activities in Maui

When you visit any of the Hawaiian Islands, you’ll hear the Hawaiian word “aloha” almost at every turn. That’s because “aloha” means hello, goodbye, and perhaps most important, love.

Although you might not equate dangling yourself over a jungle cliff or waterfall with love or Valentine’s Day, many people tell us that their rappelling tour was one of the most romantic activities they’ve ever tried. Why?

Challenges Bring People Together

Facing fears with the help and support of a partner in a safe environment is a powerful exercise that builds trust, opens communication and forges bonds in ways that don’t happen during dinner and a movie. Not to mention that unleashing your inner rock star is a way to see your partner and yourself in a new light. These couples from various age groups and walks of life all have lifelong memories to share.

The Rainforest is for Lovers

There’s no more romantic backdrop than the natural, raw beauty of the East Maui jungle. The dewy, green foliage, the gentle sounds of water and wildlife and the flowery fragrance in the air makes for the perfect romantic activity setting for people with a fondness for nature and each other. Take it all in—together.

The Island is Quiet and Calm in February

With high season being summer time in Hawaii, February is not just quieter because there are fewer people visiting, but the weather is less volatile also. You can look forward to milder temperatures and less precipitation. Although there are some big surf and strong winds during the winter, these conditions don’t affect our tour.

You’ll Share Unique & Exciting Memories

“Remember the trip we took to Maui, when we dangled ourselves over waterfalls off the Road to Hana?”

That’s a good story for the water cooler, the wedding, or for the grandchildren. With stories like those, family and friends—no matter where you are—will want to hear the rest of it. Bring your camera. Diamonds might be forever, but so are bragging rights.

One newlywed told us that after he and his bride walked down the aisle on Maui, they wanted to walk down a waterfall. “Can do,” we said.