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Discount Activities & Bargain Budgets on Maui

Whether you’re visiting or planning to move to Hawaii, island life can be expensive. Not to worry, there are bargains, discount activities and inexpensive food and travel deals to be had. If you venture beyond the hundred dollar luaus and fancy restaurant dinners, you can find discounted activities that won’t devastate your daily spend. With a little innovation, Maui can be surprisingly affordable. Try these budget friendly ideas that to make the most of your Valley Isle experience.

Bargain Hunting Timing is Everything

Do you have flexibility with your vacation calendar? If so, consider that summer is high season on Maui. That means that conditions are not as discount friendly as they could be. Vacancy is low and prices are high. The same is true with the weeks surrounding Christmas and spring break. Visiting during the slower months of late September, October and early November can increase the likelihood of finding a discount on activities and bargains on goods and accommodations. It’s also easier to find a good deal at resorts and tours. The weather is also very pleasant during the fall months.

Bargain Hunting for Maui-Made Products?

If you’re looking to buy unique items and support the local economy, the Kahului Swap Meet is held at the University of Hawaii. It admission fee of only fifty cents is definitely a bargain and is open from 7am-1pm every Saturday. Every week hundreds of vendors arrive with their locally made goods such as handmade soaps, arts and crafts, and a variety of local produce. You are sure to find something for everyone. Maui also has various smaller farmers markets all over the island on different days of the week, to find of the beaten path markets you can refer to the local newspaper Maui Time.

Beating the Heat and Finding Discounts Upcountry

find a discount at kula lavender farmsSpending a day in upcountry Maui is the perfect unexpected escape from the tropical heat. Drive through eucalyptus groves and stroll through fields of lavender at Alii Kula Lavender Farm, all while enjoying bicoastal views of the north and south Maui shores. Upcountry attractions also include  the Tedeschi winery, Ocean Vodka, and a goat dairy farm where you can feed the goats and eat delicious cheeses. Check before you go to make sure that establishments are open.

Food Trucks for the Win

Food Trucks are the ultimate budget friendly food option and they are all over Maui! Our food truck scene features cuisines to please all foodies visiting the island, varying from gourmet grilled cheese, shrimp tacos, wood fired pizza and more! If you have a truck in mind but need help getting there, check out and search for food-trucks in Maui, Hawaii. They will provide an interactive map that lets you know exactly where to find your next meal.

Asking for a Discount When Making Reservations

If there’s an activity beyond your budget that you’re eager to try, call the tour or activity provider and ask about discounts. Most vendors will have a last-minute deal or deep discount on a certain date that will put you in the action at a fraction of the cost. There are lots of ways to request a discount for your Rappel Maui tour. Call, email, chat online or check the Deals and Specials page to find out if there’s an active promotion or last minute discount available.