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Exploring and Preserving: Canyoneering for Conservation with Rappel Maui

Welcome to Rappel Maui: Where Adventure Meets Conservation

Enjoy a waterfall canyoneering trip and help conservation in Maui, Hawaii

Welcome to a world where each rappel and climb is not just about thrill but also about cherishing and conserving our beautiful island home. At Rappel Maui, we believe in turning exciting canyoneering experiences into opportunities to learn and protect the ʻāina (pronounced “eye-nah” meaning land in Hawaiian). The Thrill of Canyoneering.

Canyoneering combines hiking, climbing, swimming, and rappelling into one exhilarating sport. Traverse the rugged, stunning canyons of Maui, adorned with cascading waterfalls and lush tropical vegetation. This adventure is perfect for both novices and experienced adventurers seeking to explore Maui’s hidden wonders. Join us as we delve into how you can contribute to preserving the natural beauty of our island all while enjoying the thrill of adventure!

Conservation Through Adventure

Every Rappel Maui adventure promotes conservation. By accessing remote areas rarely visited by tourists, we raise awareness and contribute to the preservation of Maui’s fragile ecosystems. Our knowledgeable guides are trained in rappelling, first aid, outdoor rescue, and swift water disciplines, ensuring both safety and educational value.

We maintain small tour groups to minimize our environmental footprint and uphold the highest operational standards. Committed to the principles of Leave No Trace, we work to make sure that every adventure respects and preserves the natural landscape. Along with fellow conservation-minded adventurers, we have taken part in removing invasive species and planting native flora. Through these concerted efforts, we strive to safeguard the unique beauty of Maui for future generations to come.

The Garden of Eden front gate, where Rappel Maui has it's tours

The Garden of Eden: A Pesticide-Free Haven

The Garden of Eden, the backdrop for our tours, is entirely self-funded. Visitors like you support over 15 staff members who help maintain the garden. Pesticides are not used and only a few herbicides help to control the highly invasive flora that have been introduced to the island. Here you will find that the grounds are beautifully maintained to help restore natural ecosystems while promoting Hawaii’s native and indigenous flora and fauna. Their collection also reflects a diverse range of  plants and trees from tropical and subtropical areas globally carefully maintained by their arborists.

Join Us For An Adventure You Won’t Forget

So whether you are an experienced thrill seeking adventurer, a newbie to canyoning, or a conservationist at heart Rappel Maui’s tour is just the ticket. Experience the thrill of canyoneering and the fulfillment of making a positive impact—book your tour today!