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What Shoes Should I Wear on the Rappelling Tour?

Questions and Answers for Rappelling Tour

From the Frequently Asked Questions files, a very commonly voiced concern: “What kind of shoes should I wear on the rappelling tour?”

Because most of our guests have come to the island with a suitcase, they doubt they have come fully equipped with “the right stuff” to rappel.

The truth is: some forgiving clothing and a sense of fun and adventure are pretty much all you need to participate in this curious journey into nature.

The answer to “What kind of shoes should I wear on the day of the rappelling tour” is: whichever shoes you feel comfortable walking in for a few hundred yards, keeping in mind that those few hundred yards may be muddy.

That’s because we equip you with special footwear at the rappelling site.

Louboutins very high heel shoes with red sols

Wear your sandals, your mandals, your flipflops, wear sneakers. Wear your platform Louboutins (or not.) It’s all good, because, once you suit up, you’ll be taking off whatever you’re wearing on your feet, and replacing them with a neoprene booty with special felt soles designed for helping your feet grip the forest’s slippery surfaces.

Once you’re out on the ridges and trails, you will still need to step carefully and pay attention to your guides. They know every part of the valley, and can point out places where the passage is tricky.

When you’re hiking along high passes on exposed cliffs, you’ll clip your harness to anchored ropes. When walking up the trail “stairs”, conditions can be muddy and slippery when wet. Use the anchored ropes and trees as handrails, to prevent slips, falls and otherwise ungraceful moves.

Once you’re back at the picnic area, you’ll have a chance to change out of your gear and shoes, clean yourself up a bit, and relax.

Unless you really did wear your Louboutins.