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You Are Here

Colorful world map with Maui, Hawaii highlighted

Once visitors arrive on Maui or any Hawaiian Island, it’s easy to forget the miracle that has just happened: The Hawaiian Islands are located on one of the most remote places on Earth. With the closest continent or major land mass being more than 2,000 miles away, Hawaii is an oasis in reverse—a tiny spit of land in a sprawling expanse of ocean.  Of course, with all of its modern amenities,  it’s easy to forget how far away from basically everything Maui is, but here we are. Paradise is always the last place you look.

That’s why one of our friends who works at an activity desk in Wailea keeps a globe at her desk. She wrote a little note in Sharpie just over our little place in the middle of all that blue that says, “You are here.”  It’s a reminder and an explanation of why things are the way they are on Maui and the other 7 major islands. Everything that’s here, besides the 32 canoe plants or the endemic plants and animals that arrived by way of one or more of the 3 Ws, had to get here somehow, usually at great cost.

So, if something takes a little longer than we’re used to, or if something is more expensive than we would like, it’s helpful to imagine that globe, and remember, “You are here.” And also, if things are more wonderful and exotic than usual, and there are people, places and things that you’ve never seen in all your life; if you meet people from everywhere out here in the middle of nowhere, remember: “You are here.” Or, if you’re rappelling off a 50-foot waterfall looking like a rock star, you’ll have to yell it; those falls are loud sometimes. YOU ARE HERE!

Wherever you are, we want to meet you sometime and extend our aloha. We are here.

NBC Features Rappel Maui on Travel Show

NBC national tv show features Rappel Maui on 1st Look

Audrina Patridge, of the Emmy award-winning lifestyle show “1st Look” on NBC, paid a visit to Rappel Maui in 2014. “1st Look” is an exciting program that takes you to some of the best destinations across the nation for thrilling adventures.

Audrina Patridge was joined by her boyfriend Casey, her brother Marky and her sister Casey along with Rappel Maui guides, Joe Shetz and Mark Paranada.

Feelings before the activity:

Corey, Audrina’s boyfriend, does extreme sports for a living and just loves the adrenaline rush of being put on the edge. Audrina’s sister has gone sky-diving before, but has never done anything like rappelling in a waterfall before. Brother Mark was just excited to get on the biggest waterfall possible and get to it! Audrina admitted to being a bit nervous. She was nervous about rappelling down, hanging over a cliff, dangling there. Her heart was definitely pounding!

Feelings after canyoning:

After the first 60 foot practice run on a dry cliff, the girls felt exhilarated. They said it was definitely an adrenaline rush and once they made it down, they felt a strong sense of accomplishment. Casey came down the cliff quickly, almost hopping along the way like a pro. After the first cliff, the girls were feeling good and joked that the reason why the guys wanted them to go first was because they were a little scared.

Audrina Patridge was joined by her boyfriend, brother and sister for an exhilerating activity with Rappel Maui.

The waterfall drop is 50 feet, but is more vertical than the dry run. Audrina commented that it was harder than the first one because it was slippery and she kept trying to find places to put her feet in the rushing water of the waterfall. “It’s kind of amazing to be inside of a waterfall. As loud as it is, and as wet, and it’s going in your face, but at the same time it’s beautiful.”

Canyoneering is descending the canyon by whatever means necessary… down-climbing, jumping, rappelling, and other techniques available for you to descend. The canyon Rappel Maui uses for this thrill-seeking activity was once used for the filming of Jurassic Park. This is such a great Maui activity because we take people into a beautiful, secluded part of Maui that you would never otherwise get to see, and experience an activity that is probably the most exciting on Maui. It’s fully engaging, and adrenaline-pumping. And although we keep you completely safe, feelings that your life is in danger are common.

Here is the video segment from the show, 1st Look on NBC. Enjoy!