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What to Wear on a Rappel Maui Tour in Wet or Cooler Weather

During the winter months, the weather can get rainy and cool on Maui. Since we operate rappelling tours rain or shine, that means you may (or may not) want to adjust your rappel tour attire. 

Woman on Maui rappel tour in a long-sleeved rash guard This long-sleeved rash guard plus life jacket is great for staying toasty in rainy, cool winter weather.

You’ll still wear the special rappelling footwear that we provide you. It’s a rubber booty with a felt sole that’s designed for traversing wet rocks and muddy surfaces, and keeps your feet and ankles protected while you’re rappelling and swimming. But your best bet for preparing yourself for a day in the Maui elements is to know yourself.

If you know that you’re sensitive to cold water, consider bringing some special items with you, such as a wetsuit top or a diving fleece top or pants.  If, once you get a visual on the conditions at the rappelling site, and you decide you don’t need them, you can leave them in the van or the supply shed. You can usually rent these at your nearby dive shop, or you can occasionally buy them at Maui’s own COSTCO.

If you’re not sure about making a special trip to the dive shop or mall, wear a sleeved rash guard or quick-dry tee shirt (pictured, right). Paired with your personal flotation jacket, this is a great combo for staying warm in rainy, cool winter weather.

If you want to really maximize your thermal comfort on your rappel tour, bring with you a small towel and/or tee shirt, and stow them in a plastic waterproof bag, such as a Ziplock. (Double-bag them for insurance.) You can keep these with you in the dry keg that’s provided with a backpack, which you can then use to dry off and warm up after the rappel.

Since you’ll have some time in between rappels, this is when you’re most likely to—literally—chill out. Remember that you’ll have an opportunity to warm up by way of exercise during the brief workout at the end of your rappels. It’s the climb back up to the top that we refer to as The Stairmaster.

Make sure to bring a dry, warm change of clothing with you. If you know that it takes you a while to warm up after a day in the elements, think layers: Shorts, sweatpants, tee shirt, hoodie, maybe some socks. After lunch and a ride back to the dryer, sunnier side of the island, you’ll be right as rain.

Have more questions about other nuances of a Rappel Maui tour? Contact us today!