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What’s the Best Way to Book a Rappel Maui Tour?

Elvis Presley using the phone to book a rappelling tour with Rappel Maui

Today we’ll answer a question we’re usually asked after speaking to people who call to ask about rappelling tour availability. “How should I book my Rappel Maui tour?”

Thanks for asking!

If you know exactly when you want to go, and when, booking your rappelling adventure tour online is convenient, quick and easy.  After booking by any means, you’ll receive a confirmation by email with instructions about what to wear and where to meet us, followed by a reminder in your email inbox a few days before your tour.

If you have questions or special considerations (“Can I get hotel pickup?” or “I’m very allergic to bee stings” or “Can I take the tour if I don’t know how to swim?”) call us at 808.270.1500 to talk about it.

You can also book online with your detailed notes in the comments section. By the way, the answer to “Can I rappel while wearing my Elvis costume?” is “We hope so.”)  We answer the bat phone from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Tuesday through Friday.

Hey, what time is it in Hawaii, anyway?

If you want to book through your resort concierge, that’s OK too, although you might want to start scheduling farther in advance during the summer months, when tours fill up quickly.

Finally, if you want us to get in touch with you at your convenience, just send us a request that tells us when the time is right.