Zip and Rappel Tours, Maui, HI
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Maui Canyoneering Waterfall Rappelling Tours

Meet us out on the famous Hana Highway in the Puohokamoa Valley. We’ll hike a quarter mile through the rain forest to the top of a ridge above a 300-foot-deep valley. Our first rappel is down a 60-foot cliff for practice, and you may do this more than once, depending on your group and tour. Then we’ll rappel down 30- and 50-foot waterfalls. There will be opportunities to swim beneath the waterfalls. During most of the year there’s wild fruit to eat along the trail.
One guide at the top of the cliff makes sure you begin the rappel safely. At the bottom of the rappel we have a second guide who belays you. That means that (s)he can control your descent if necessary and stop you at any time or guide you gently to the bottom if necessary. Your guides’ first priority is your safety. The exit is a 300-foot ascent up a steep, but well-built trail. You should be in good condition to participate in this trip.
Wrapped snacks and bottled water are provided, as well as changing rooms and bathrooms near an overlook down the canyon to a panoramic view of the ocean.

For more information or reservations please call 808-270-1500 or chat with us online.